Message from the Administration

Welcome Back to Sarah Thompson for the 2016/17 school year!


We hope everyone had a terrific summer.  There are a few changes that you’ll notice at our school.  We have added/changed a few staff members.  Here is a list of our current staff:

Kindergarten: Mrs. Baldwin, Miss. Robinson

Grade One: Mrs. Morgan, Miss. Petrie

Grade Two: Mrs. McLeod, Miss Nelson and Mr. Cove

Grade Three: Miss Hiller, Miss Wentworth and Mrs. Hagedorn

Grade Four: Mr. Schlamp and Mr. Peel

Grade Five: Ms. Reigal/Mr. Banderk and Mr. Knight

Music: Mrs. Crooks

Learning Support: Ms. Lillico, Mrs. Goll

Learning Support Assistants: Mrs. Trithart, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Osmond, and Mrs. Fitzgerald

Learning Commons: Mrs. Lehman

Administrative Support: Mrs. McKearney

Assistant Principal: Mr. Banderk

Principal: Ms. Doz

Please feel free to contact any of us during the school day by email through the website or call 403-936-6141 after school.


You will also notice some changes to our communication, namely the agenda.  We found that this communication has become inefficient and not well used.  Therefore, we will be using other forms of communication such as email and phone calls.  In the second term, we hope to open the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

As well, our Sarah Thompson website is updated frequently, so please check it out at


Please adhere to the parking rules of our school.  The “Kiss and Drop Loop” at the front of the school is for immediate loading and dropping off of students.  It is a one way and there is no double parking.

The large parking lot at the front of the school is for longer stays and we ask that parents walk their child across the street.  It is also a one-way from the loop south.

The parking lot at the back is for staff.  The bus lane cannot be blocked at any time.

Patrols will not be starting until after training at the end of September.

We ask for your cooperation in ensuring your child(ren) are safe.


Every year, our School, School Council and FoSTES (Friends of Sarah Thompson Elementary Society) provides our school community is a number of different options to help support the school.  These are all completely optional and at your discretion.  For the month of September we are offering our SUTP (Student Union Ticket Pack) for $20.00. You have the option of either a paper or electronic copy.  If this is something you are interested in, please contact Mrs. McKearney at the office.

Terry Fox Run

This year, our Terry Fox Run will be held on Thursday, September 29th from 1pm to 2pm.  If you are available to volunteer, please contact the office.

Volunteering at Sarah Thompson

We are thrilled to have volunteers in the school.  According to Rocky View Policy, we require a criminal record check as well as a vulnerable sector check.  If you’ve gotten on already, and it has been submitted into the school, you can sign a Declaration form at the office each year for 5 years.  Please see the office for a copy.  As well, we ask all our volunteers to sign a Volunteer Code of Conduct.  This ensures that a volunteer is giving the utmost care and attention to our students.  These can be found at the office as well.

Kindest regards,

Michelle Doz        Dave Banderk

Principal               Assistant Principal

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