Early Literacy

Effective early intervention can change the path of a child's journey to literacy.  Literacy Intervention is a foundational support provided to students who are struggling with the reading process.  Learning to read is a complex and often difficult process for many students and through intensive, individualized, small group support, students are provided with strategies and skills to support their reading development.  Mrs. Saunders and Mrs. Winkler provide daily, focused, small group sessions to students using a balanced and multi-sensory literacy approach to supplement the instruction provided in the classroom.  Through a variety of research-based methods and resources, we work intensively with students for 30 min sessions from Monday to Thursday each week.  Our program includes: building foundational phonemic awareness skills,  developing decoding strategies, sight word knowledge, fluency and comprehension skills. Parental support and guidance in completing home reading each week is crucial and much appreciated!

Students will be assessed on a regular basis upon entering the program and enrolment will be fluid with students exiting the program when they reach grade level benchmarks.  The Literacy program generally targets grades 2-5 at the beginning of the year and integrates grade one students as the year progresses.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child's learning needs, please feel free to contact us at asaunders@rockyview.ab.ca or swinkler@rockyview.ab.ca.  We can also be reached by phone at 403-936-6141, Mrs. Winkler (Ext#- 5028) and Mrs. Saunders (Ext. #5026).

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