Snack and allergy protocol

Lunch Program & Allergies

Snack Program

We encourage students to eat healthy snacks while at school, and we provide time for this purpose so that we may reinforce the principles of good nutrition.

  • Snacks will be eaten in the classroom and a healthy snack should be consumed as the first energy source of the school day.
  • Students staying for lunch must consume all of their food in the eating area, prior to lunch dismissal. We have a pack it in, pack it out program.  All students must consume their lunches, and whatever is not consumed must go home.  This includes containers and such related to their lunches, as we believe that it will encourage students to use recyclable containers and to be mindful of the amount of waste we add to the environment.  This also helps parents to monitor and adjust their child's lunches.
  • Soft drinks including energy drinks and candy should be kept at a minimum and should not be consumed first thing in the morning or at morning recess as the added sugar makes it difficult for students to focus and concentrate. Please see the link for further information.  Water is the best option for hydration and we encourage all students to bring their own water bottle
  • Gum chewing is not allowed in the school except under special circumstances.
  • Sarah Thompson School is a PEANUT-FREE AND NUT-AWARE SCHOOL.


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