Message from the Administration

Welcome Back to Sarah Thompson School for the 2022/23 school year!


We hope everyone had a terrific summer.   We are more than excited to teach your children this year. We also look forward to getting to know all of our families and ensuring that Sarah Thompson is the best possible school we can make it. We endeavour to ensure a safe and caring environment, while maintaining high expectations for a learning environment that is engaging and purposeful for all students.

There are a few changes that you’ll notice at our school.  We have added/changed a few staff members.  Here is a list of our current staff:

Kindergarten: Mrs. Bertamini, Mrs. Goll

Grade One: Mrs. Lamirande, Ms. Wentworth, Ms. Healey

Grade Two: Mrs. Behal, Mrs. Lepine

Grade Three: Mrs. Mackie, Mrs. McLeod, Mrs. Behnia

Grade Four:  Mr. Peel, Mr. Cove

Grade Five: Ms. Riegel, Mr. Knight

Music: Mrs. Pawlak

Learning Support: Mrs. Winkler, Mrs. Saunders

Child Development Advisor: Mrs. Noppen

Learning Support Assistants: Ms. Trithart, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Fitzgerald, Mrs. Wigmore, Ms. Sabirsh, Mrs. Kolenosky

Learning Commons: Mrs. Sidorenko

School Technologist: Mrs. Schrauwen

Head Building Operator: Mr. Kischkel

Lead Caretaker: Mr. Francisco

School Secretary: Mrs. McKearney

Assistant Principal: Mrs. Sidorenko

Principal: Mr. Siemens

Please feel free to contact any of us during the school day by email through the website or call 403-936-6141.

Kindest regards,

Ryan Siemens - Principal

Christine Sidorenko - Assistant Principal

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