About Our School

At Sarah Thompson School, we believe that "it takes a village to raise a child".  We are a community school.  When you look at our logo, you'll see a few interesting pieces that when put together stands for our belief that to create an optimal learning environment for our students, we must have a partnership between students, home and school.

The blue area on either side represent students.  If you look carefully, they also resemble the letter "S"

In the middle is our schoolhouse.  This is an homage to the pioneer/teacher Sarah Thompson, who worked in a one-room schoolhouse in 1892. It also is meant to represent the central place in a community that is a public school.  Where the door is, it resembles the letter "T"

On the top, there is a circle and a long triangle.   This is meant to represent a teacher with her arms extended to reach the students on either side.

When put together, you have the Sarah Thompson Logo.

Sarah Thompson Logo

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